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Essential Property Options, provide solutions for buying a home, selling your residential or buy to let property quickly with no hassle or fees. Over the last few years given the changes in the property market our skills have been…
Patience is a virtue in the current property market if you're a seller. In many parts of the country unless your property is deeply discounted your property could stick for any thing up to 6 to 8 months before a buyer comes along If it's a second home, this could mean painful mortgage payments and maintenance costs to add to the misery.
Our experience with landlords is extensive, and because we are landlords ourselves we belieive we have a clear understanding of their needs at certain times of property or portfolio ownership.
There comes a time when every landlord wants to hang up his or her bunch of keys and retire to a life of relaxation rather than refurbishments.
Recent Statistics suggest that almost 2 thirds of prospective buyers believe they have no chance of owning their own home in the next 5 years and over 80% believe lenders have no desire to them With the prospect that the UK could move towards the European model and become a nation of renters versus a home owning democracy, leaves 20 to 35 years olds shuddering with