Landlord Solutions.

Our experience with landlords is extensive, and because we are landlords ourselves we believe we have a clear understanding of their needs at certain times of property or portfolio ownership

Landlord Retirement
There comes a time when every landlord wants to hang up his or her bunch of keys and retire to a life of relaxation rather than refurbishments. If the market is buoyant then you simply sell and bank the proceeds. In a tough market, where a landlord wishes to sell a number of properties working with creative investors that understand, speed, discretion and have an appreciation for any tax implications is essential.

Landlord Problem Tenants
Any landlord will admit that from time to time you get the tenant from hell. Once you go through the correct procedures for eviction, you then have to face a possible further bill to repair and refurb the property, then look for another tenant. When you reach the stage and you say to yourself enough is enough, we may be able to help and take over your commitments on a fully insured maintenance basis with guaranteed income streams to you.

Landlord financial difficulties
Bought at the top of the market, over leveraged or just had a run of bad luck? If you looking for a way out, we may be able to help by relieving you of some or all of your debts or simply take over your mortgage payments and agreeing a future sale value for the property.

Landlord Negative Equity Properties
If you some how have found yourself in a negative equity trap and limited in what options you have. You might want to speak to us, since we have the ability to work with such owners on how to relieve this burden.

Landlord Quick Sale
From time to time we need to release some cash for other investments or simply to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Doing a quick deal at a price that works for both you and the buyer can be a essential form time to time. Talk to us if you are in such a situation.


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1. How much of a discount do you need?
This depends on a number of factors, both on your side and ours. We take into account state of the sales market, state of the property rentability and a number of other factors. On your side, consideration maybe given to financial position, amount of equity in property etc. On average the discount can be from 10- 35% below market value.

2. Do you pay cash or do you have to arrange a mortgage?
This depends on the type of property and how many transactions we are doing at that time and the circumstances surrounding the buyer. F a cash is more appropriate then we will usually do a cash deal.

3. What if the property is tenanted, is that a problem?
Not usually. We will ask to look at the tenant agreement in place before we make our final decision.

4. What if the property is in need of refurbishment?
That's not a problem. We are continually refurbishing properties and have a professional team on hand to undertake superficial or major refurbishment projects. Naturally we will expect the amount of work needed to be reflected in the final agreed price.

5. Is there a minimum or maximum price you consider?
There is no minimum and the maximum depends on what part of the country. On average we tend not to enter into transactions in excess of £150,000 for an individual property.

6. What if we can't agree on the price?
Whilst we endeavour to ensure there is a win-win situation on both sides, sometimes that is not possible. We do not charge for our time and if there is no agreement then both parties will just walk away from the transaction.

7. Can you help if the property is in negative equity or near negative equity?
We often come across negative equity scenarios and we have tailor made solutions for each case. These solutions often depends on the circumstance of the landlord and level of flexibility.

8. Taking over mortgage payments, is that really possible?
Yes it is. We use a specialist third party company to make arrangements with the lenders and any solicitors. You are kept inform every step of the way.

9. Can you purchase more than one property or a portfolio of properties?
Yes we can. We will look at each individual property during the purchase but we certainly can purchase a portfolio of properties.

10. Do you do joint ventures?
We are asked this question a lot. We look at each project on merit and make an informed judgement about the project itself and the possible future joint venture partner.

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