Patience is a virtue in the current property market if you're a seller. In many parts of the country unless your property is deeply discounted your property could stick for any thing up to 6 to 8 months before a buyer comes along If it's a second home, this could mean painful mortgage payments and maintenance costs to add to the misery. The core market in the UK is generally underpinned by first time buyers and since 2008, it has been increasingly difficult for these first time buyers to get on to the property ladder. This has generally slowed down the sales market creating frustration for vendors across the country.

Investors like ourselves can assist with those home owners that are seeking a swift sale because they might be moving to another part of the country, family split, financial problems or just the simple fact the market is slow. We can normally move quickly once we have viewed the property and agreed terms, and have professionals on hand for any advice needed.

We generally provide 2 options:

Purchasing your property at a discount enabling you to secure the funds you need and release you from any on going obligations. Some vendors may not be able to offer their property at a discount because of high mortgage level or even negative equity, in which case we will assist you by making use of another strategy called lease or purchase options.

Purchase options is a flexible way of you contractually selling your property at a point in the future enabling you to move on now. It could enable you to obtain money now and some later when the market has improved. Or it could simply release you of any current financial burden now with a possible lump sum in the future. In most cases we can tailor a number of solutions to suit your specific circumstance. If either of these options are of interest please feel free to complete our enquiry form below or contact us by phone.

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1. How much of a discount do you look for?
This depends on a number of factors, both on your side and ours. We take into account state of the sales market, state of the property rentability and a number of other factors. On your side, consideration maybe given to financial position, amount of equity in property etc. On average the discount can be from 10- 35% below market value.

2. How quickly can you move to completion?
We can usually move as quickly as is required. The lengthiest part is normally waiting for the local searches that are arranged by solicitors. This can take from 7 days up to 3 weeks. Once the contract is received from your solicitor and any queries agreed we normally can be ready to exchange in about 3 to 4 weeks on average.

3. Do I pay any fees?
You do not pay fees to us. It's a straight forward conveyancing transaction if we are purchasing your property.

4. Is their a minimum or maximum priced property that you consider?
Minimum and Maximum price - There is no minimum and the maximum depends on what part of the country. On average we tend not to enter into transactions in excess of £150,000 for an individual property.

5. What standard of property do you buy?
We are interested in all different types of property in different states to repair or ready to move in. We are continually refurbishing properties and have a professional team on hand to undertake superficial or major refurbishment projects.

6. What if we can't agree a price?

7. How does this purchase option work?
Purchase Option – The best way to explain this is that we have a legal agreement to buy your property at some agreed point in the future. We normally under specific circumstances pay you a consideration for this right and then assume all responsibilities for the property, be that mortgage payments, refurbishments etc. Options are very flexible and the objective is to arrive at an agreement that works for both ourselves and you.

8. Do I get any money with a purchase option?
Normally yes, but it depends on the type of property and your circumstances and requirements. A consideration could be made from the outset at the end of the term or even throughout the life of the agreement. Options are very flexible and the objective is to arrive at an agreement that works for both ourselves and you.

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