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Recent Statistics suggest that almost 2 thirds of prospective buyers believe they have no chance of owning their own home in the next 5 years and over 80% believe lenders have no desire to them With the prospect that the UK could move towards the European model and become a nation of renters versus a home owning democracy, leaves 20 to 35 years olds shuddering with fear Owning ones own home has been a longstanding tradition in the UK, and to be denied that option has meant that first time buyers have had to look at other options where they exist.

Regardless of the move towards renting rather than owning, research conducted by the National centre for Social Research suggest that over 75% of non homeowners still aspire to own their home First time buyers continue to grow gloomy because

Rent to buy offers a real viable alternative to banks and credit rate agencies in the short term and enables would-be home owners to smartly own their first home.

The strategy is simple flexible and low cost, without the need for high credit scores or mortgages.

The process is listed below
  Choose one of our properties that you might be interested in owning.
Agree the price of the property now, that you will pay in 3,5,7, or 10 years. The terms is dictated by what
  you are comfortable with.
Create a lease agreement for the term, and pay a small deposit usually 3-5% of value of the property.
Create a purchase contract for your new home and the monthly rental fee. You have the sole legal right to
  purchase this property.
Your deposit plus a percentage of your monthly payments contribute towards your final payment towards
  the agreed purchase price.
You move in from day one, and treat the property as your home.
At the end of the period, you acquire the property at the pre agreed price with a mortgage or extend the
  lease agreement or walk away.

What are the benefits
  The Sale price is locked in. This means that as the property appreciates the price is fixed and therefore
  upon exercising the option there may be considerable equity in the property.
Control of the home. You will be in legal control of your home for a specified period without
  having to own it. The seller cannot sell it to anyone else until the option expires or you break any terms of the contract.
No Lengthy mortgage approvals. The decision to give you a rent-to-buy contract is at the sole discretion
  of the landlord/seller rather than a mortgage lender who can take up to a month (or longer) to make a decision.
Option Consideration is credited towards the purchase of your home. When you sign a rent-to-buy
  contract you must pay the landlord/seller 3% option consideration (This varies with each Landlord/seller) This money is your vested interested in the home and will be fully credited (100%) to either your down payment or off the sale price.
Credit problems will not hold you back. Having to qualify is not as strict as conventional financing. You will
  be approved at the sole discretion of the landlord/seller who will perform credit checks. If the credit checks
indicating extremely poor credit then the landlord/seller may ask for a larger option consideration.
Peace of mind. You will have full control of the home and can improve it as you wish with written
  permission off the landlord/seller
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1. How does it work?
Although the jargon can sound confusing, the basic idea behind a rent-to-buy option is straightforward, once you have found the property that you want and agree. Typically three to seven years at a price agreed when you first moved in. You're under no obligation to buy at the end of the rental period the option conditions, e.g. price, term, rent e.t.c, you can then move in as a rent-paying tenant. You'll then have the option to buy the property outright after a fixed period of time,

2. Do I pay a deposit?
The option provider will usually ask for an initial upfront payment for the option. This can be as low as 3% of the property's value so it's much less than most mortgage lenders will require (15% min). This payment is knocked off the agreed price for the property.

3. What are the benefits of purchasing property this way?
For many first time buyers, rent-to-buy's can offer a much better deal than a conventional purchase. You don't need to take out a mortgage straight away, home., rise sufficiently as well as the protection to avoid most of the financial loss if prices fall. giving you the opportunity to make a capital gain if prices And you're on the property ladder with the purchase price locked in from the start giving you time for your financial position to improve so you can afford to buy at the end of the rental period. While that happens, you get to live in a property you can think of as your own

4. Are there any downsides?
Taking out an option is a major commitment - just like buying a property. You'll be living in the same place for the agreed rental period, which means that you have to think carefully about your future plans before you sign up.

5. Will the rent be higher than a normal lease?
The rent you pay with an option will be slightly higher than if you were just a tenant. Often part of this additional rent is taken as payment for the option to deposit for the future. If you don't exercise then the cost of higher rental payments is not refundable. However, this is still better than having bought a property which has fallen substantially in value. the option buy along with the amount paid upfront. This total option payment is knocked off the agreed purchase price if you buy. In effect, this means that some of the rent helps you to build a mortgage

6. Will the rent go up during the rental period?

7. Do I need a solicitor?
You are advised to consult a solicitor so that he can explain all your obligations to you.  

8. What if my personal situation changes?
I may vary between vendors, but this general rule is applied: If at any time after the first six months you decide that you're personal circumstances have changed and that you can no longer go ahead, then you may give one months notice to leave.   You will have lost your option to buy and your initial deposit. You cannot give notice during the first six months.

9. What happens if I can't pay the rent?
Again it varies depending on the vendor but it is usually if you fall more than two months behind you will lose your right to exercise the option to purchase and any deposit monies paid. You can continue renting on a standard AST for the agreed rental or the landlord could begin legal proceedings for possession of the property.

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